About Kristen

Kristen-HeitzmannThis is the page to learn about me, but here’s the thing. I can talk all day about my characters and their stories. They’re really the fun part. In fact, any one of them would have quite a bit to say as they handle most of the storytelling anyway. I merely scribe their thoughts, actions, and repartee. Still, they have their own pages, so if you do want to know about me, here you go.

I grew up in an academic family, loving art, music, and books. If I wasn’t outside catching rock lizards and salamanders, I was drawing, playing violin, or buried in a book. Reading led almost immediately to my own stories. In fact, I can’t remember a time without characters in my head. They show up from different time periods, with various issues and conflicts they intend to resolve through my fingers on the keyboard. Ah, there they go again, taking over.

Because of my wonderful readers and publishers, these stories are now bestselling novels. They’ve been finalists here and internationally, and won awards, including esteemed Christy Awards. They’re published in several languages and as audiobooks.  I’m fairly addicted to that form of “reading” myself and encourage everyone to check it out as a fabulous way to deal with traffic and lines.

When not writing—no that’s not exactly true, since technology allows me to write my novels while hiking the Colorado Rockies where I live—I love to get out in nature (breathe that high altitude air) photograph wildlife in my yard, cook crazy stuff, discover weird but beautiful music, and do various kinds of art. Also in my favorite things is speaking to groups at conferences, book clubs, or anywhere with real people, and teaching others to write their stories. Best of all is time with my family that now includes—oh yeah—two fabulous grandkids. Blessings abound.