Honor’s Pledge

Honor’s Pledge
Series: Rocky Mountain Legacy Series, Book 1
Genre: Historical Fiction
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Publication Year: January 1998
ASIN: 0764220314
ISBN: 0764220314
Can love prevail when a debt must be paid and honor is the price?
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About the Book

Abigail Martin is a headstrong young woman who believes frontier life in the rugged Colorado Rockies possesses all the world she could ever want. As a woman who listens to her heart, Abbie is determined to hold out for the best even if it means dashing the hopes of her childhood friend and holding out for a love as consuming as her beloved mountains.

Montgomery Farrel is a handsome, refined gentleman who sees in Abbie a reflection of the untamed, pristine land he has come to call his own. Though he finds her penchant for adventure a refreshing change from the southern belles of his upbringing, Monte also holds honor above every virtue even love.

Their hopes suddenly collide when a debt must be paid and honor is the price. Can Monte and Abbie surrender to a destiny greater than the one their dreams can hold?

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